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Starling Deterrent B-ST 690



B-ST 690 is a innovative bird-control solution developed by Anjin Co., and it the most efficient and widely recognized product on the Japanese market up to date. B-ST 690 is a variation of B-ST repellents, specifically designed to be installed on tries, and similar areas.

The main product features:

herb-based, non-toxic, zero-VOC;

absolutely safe for birds and humans;

the unique know-how targets bird’s psychological, behavioristic and nesting patterns;

recommended for professional installation;

designed to be installed on trees, in order to prevent bird gatherings and roosting;

effective against starlings and other small- and medium-sized birds;

flexible in installation;

long-lasting effect.

Installation saucers

Pallet-saucers for B-ST 690; attached onto tree
branches (15mm x 320mm), in black or grey color
Perch-saucer for B-ST 690; imitation of
a tree branch (800mm x 660mm)

For buildings and other construction objects, use the standard version of B-ST.