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B-ST (Pigeon)

B-ST is an innovative bird-repellent system, which is absolutely safe both for birds and humans.

Its main features:

●  based exclusively on herbs that naturally repel birds, without harming them;

●  seafty, non-toxic, biodegradable, harmless in case of contact to skin;

●  no odor, zero-VOC product*;

●  effective against small and medium-sized birds (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows, crows) and even bats;

●  keeps rooftops, facades and any other construction clean, thus, actively contributing to healthier spaces;

●  long-lasting effect.

Product brochure in PDF format.

* Test results by Saga Environmental Science Inspection Association:

VOC compound gr/m3 gr/L
Formaldehyde 10 x 10-6 10 x 10-9
Toluene 20 x 10-6 20 x 10-9
Xylene 80 x 10-6 80 x 10-9
Ethylbenzene 300 x 10-6 300 x 10-9
Styrene 20 x 10-6 20 x 10-9

B-ST is in the paste form as you can see on the image. It is installed in common bird nesting areas of building constructions, and is effective in keeping the birds away. It keeps birds away both when it is installed and also afterwords, since the birds remember the location of that substance, made of plants they can't stand.

Please also see installation instructions, and the project gallery.

How effective is it?

See for yourself how it works. Here are a couple of real-life examples demonstrating effectiveness of B-ST. Each video consists of three parts:

1. Before B-ST (pigeons on roof top)
2. Installation of B-ST
3. Pigeons notice installed B-ST and keep out of the building roofs

Please see B-ST690, specially developed as a starling-repeller, against bird roosting and gatherings on trees.