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Conventional Technologies

Conventional technologies of dealing with bird-related problems prove to be:

- not very effective;

- physically hurting birds;

- possibly harmful to human health;

- requiring regular maintenance;

- making a building structure visually unappealing.

Below is an overview of the most commonly world-wide used bird-repellent technologies.

Bird Spikes

This method is ineffective as the birds often become accustomed to this new surface.

Bird Net

Visually, a net worsens the view of the building. Besides, pigeons consider the net as a part of the structure, and try to find a way through to build the nest.

Electric Wire

Electric shock often has low efficiency due to the low electric current. It becomes nearly useless if it doesn't cover the whole area the birds can land on.


Chemicals are an effective method of protection from birds, but they do so by physically damaging and killing the creatures. Such chemicals are also harmful for humans. Therefore, this method is prohibited in a number of countries.